"I am a voice shouting in the wilderness, Clear the way for the LORD's coming!'"

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Oklahoma where the wind comes.....

From where the last blog left off, it seems a lot has happened. I went from thinking I was going to get a job caring for a young quadriplegic woman who loves music and the arts to having no job over one week's time. Jeff was beginning to come out of his depression and gaining a different mind-set than we have had over the past year. Living in society requires a much different mind-set than walking and living out of a backpack. We are just starting to switch back over to the mind-set of paying bills every month and being organized. Not that you don't have to be organized to live out of a backpack, it's just a more simple organization. It so much easier living the simple life where you don't need much.

Jeff and I had been praying for a month or so for direction on whether we should move back to Oklahoma. We felt we were being led to do so, we just were not sure of God's timing yet. Meanwhile, we had been having fellowship and bible studies with Charles, the son, from the previous blog, (read blog to understand) and his wife and family. It turns out that they needed help organizing some papers for their business, and Jeff had actually been researching for the last two weeks almost the exact thing they needed. So they asked if Jeff could help them with the business in exchange for a little pay. We were thrilled because Jeff had been looking for a job for a while, since we arrived in CA actually. He even shaved off his big beard to try and get a one.

While we were spending many hours at their house we got to know them well and had many deep conversations. We were beginning to see that God sent us here for this family as well. God was really transforming them and he needed us to stand in the gaps for them and pray against the schemes of the enemy. There was a lot of warfare going on in the family, but God wanted to redeem them and set them free. It took Jeff about 2 weeks to do the paper work for them and we shared many good moments of prayer and bible study with them. We had many heart to heart talks with them, some were a little harder to get through than others, but we trusted that God was doing the work to bring this family into the Unity he desires them to be in. He sent us there to plant the seeds that needed to be planted and he was going to take care of the rest.

It seemed that all the doors were shutting for us to remain in CA and our hearts were longing to be back in OK. So we prayed one evening that whatever direction God wanted us to go, he would have our hearts lean toward that direction by the time our rent was due so we could put in our 30 day notice. The very next morning both of us said our hearts were leaning toward OK. So in our minds it was time to go and we were ready to go right then. However, we had to wait on the Lord. The Lord's timing IS PERFECT! So when rent was due I called our land lady and told her we would be putting in our 30 day notice and may even have some tenants to replace us. I then called one of the pastors from church to ask if he knew anyone who needed an apartment. He called back later that day because it turned out that he did. A mother and daughter who had just lost their husband and father were staying with one of the youth pastors and they were looking for a place and needed it ASAP! So I called the land lady and told her and she said if everything checked out then they could move in after we moved out. This was a blessing for all three parties because we needed to move out but also needed the rent money to get home, the mother and daughter were desperate for a place to live, and the land lady was going to get more money to pay for her own bills! Seems that all of us must really Love God, because he totally worked all of that out for our good! (Romans 8:28)

So Jeff and I were moving again! We decided we didn’t want to start completely over when we got back to OK and so we were going to take all the wonderful stuff people gave us to OK. The awesome bed was the main thing we wanted to take. A woman gave us a brand new European Sleep Works bed. It is amazing! So we needed to get a trailer hitch for our vehicle and rent a small trailer. Before leaving the Bay area we wanted to see a few of the sights we never go to see while there. So we went camping at the Marin Headlands and went to Point Reyes National Seashore, which is the place the trail we were walking on ends or begins, depending on what direction you are walking. It was spectacular! We never found the trail head though. Oh well...perhaps we will bike to it someday! Definitely not walking again. Ugh....

The last few days we were in Redwood City, a generous family from Peninsula Covenant Church (PCC) let us stay in their guest bedroom. It was a real treat and we made yet another friend from God’s family. Thank you Guy and Dianne! We love you! So after playing in the praise band for the last time at PCC and saying our goodbye’s it was time to head east. We decided to stop and see the giant trees of the Sequoia National Forest on the way. We are so glad we did. They are spectacular!

When we first got to the Bay area we were under so much spiritual attack and wanted to run away so many times. I am so glad we stuck it through though. Before we went there I was asking the Lord to refine me and when we got there the flames felt so hot! However, looking back I cannot think of a more perfect place for God to send us to be refined and to learn the things we learned while living there. While there it seemed like we were in the flames forever, but now that we are back home it seems like we haven’t even left. I can’t wait to see what this next season will bring. May the Lord bless you all! Thank you for those who are praying for us. The Lord is answering you! May His Love abide in your heart forever!